Addi Swing crochet hooks; a review

love to crochet. But I have severe issues with Carpal tunnel and RSI (and no insurance, so no surgery for me )


I am so addicted that I will power through the pain and crochet anyway – but I do get tired of aching hands. So I did some research on ergonomic hooks and found the Addi Swing hooks.

They are a little pricey , so I decided to order one in a size I use often (E) and give it a try.  First thing I did when they arrived was take them out and hold them. They do feel good in hand!


ImageNow to get down to some actual crochet. It feels awkward at first- there is a bit of a learning curve, but within a few rows I got the hang of it. I was working an amigurumi project, so single crochet rounds, and it went very smoothly and my hand did seem to tire less. The short metal shaft might cause a bit of a problem when working longer post stitches – anything requiring more than three loops on the hook at once might be too much for this hook- at least until you are really experienced with it. I did however pull off several triple crochet(us) with no problems.

Overall I love it. I think I might collect a few more in the sizes I use for amigurumi especially. I would definitely recommend giving them a try if you suffer hand pain or fatigue with one caveat: these are for knife grippers only, if you hold your hook with a pencil grip these just won’t work.

I feel like a bad mommy :(

I didn’t mean to abandon my blog – but alas…

I’m still alive, some personal and health issues took me away for awhile. But I am back 🙂

I HAVE been creative in all this time. I’ve done a lot of collage/art journalling, which can be seen on my Tumblr

and I’ve been crocheting like mad ( See my  Ravelry

The plan is to bring it all home and hopefully be a better blog mommy! Watch this space.

I am a bad blogger :(

I mean to write more, I really do but it’s hard to type with glue on your fingers…

I have been creating!. Some highlights:


Altered Barbie- for an Ocean themed exchange and the little Sea Serpent that went with her.

sea serpent

I made her while waiting for the mermaid’s tail to dry. The tail was made with layers of tissue paper and ink dyed baby wipes! torn into pieces and papier mache-d . It took a looong time to dry,but I was pretty pleased with the result.

Also made a lot of ATC’s my favorites being ones for a LGBTQIA swap:


And of course I continue to journal and alter books and one day I will figure out how to photograph or scan them and share.

Oh ho, the beads are calling again

I’ve been out of the beading bug for awhile- at least as much as I’m ever really out of the beading bug 😛

Then I went and signed up for a swap of gods and goddesses ‘art’. The theme is pretty open-any medium, any art as long as it involves gods and/or goddesses. So as I’m thinking of what to do my fingers started itching and I found myself reaching for the clay- beads cried to be made!

I played around a little- and then actually wound up using some already made pieces,that hadn’t quite clicked before.

I had this lovely goddess see:


and she was just crying for some gorgeous beads- she needed to be embelished,celebrated,shown off.

So I went to work. And voila!


My own,hand rolled beads,rhodonite,rose quartz,and more. Now she’s in a setting she deserves.

I wound up taking off the last section of beads on each side-because it was just too heavy a piece. The finished piece is still 24 inches long and hangs at throat chakra level.(I can edit in a pic later- my significant other has absconded with my camera!)

It’s hard to send jewelry to a stranger- taste is so very subjective-but I figure she could easily be framed in a shadowbox and hung on a wall if she is not her recipient’s style.

Recycle the world!

I have something of a passion for recycling. Especially when it comes to my art. Anything I can reuse is fair game, I repurpose old Barbies, everything from repaints to using them as armatures for whole new dolls/creations (I’ll probably post some soon 🙂

My latest project is tin cans- the kind that my sons endless supply of refried beans come in 🙂 (we have to eat Mexican at LEAST twice a week ).

I cannot bear to throw them away. It’s too easy to file down the sharp edge, then add a little gesso, some paint, or maybe collage, or maybe paint AND collage, a stamp here, a doodle there, a little antiquing gel, seal the whole thing with some Mod Podge or similar stuff and Voila!

tin cansAlso solves the problem of where to put my ever expanding collection of pencils and markers. Good for paintbrushes too,crochet hooks, knitting needles might take a larger can but that’s doable.

Someday soon I’m going to splurge on a safety can opener, the kind that removes the whole lid below the rim with no sharp edges. Then I can make containers with lids! The sky is the limit 😉

First post

Might as well get it over with 😛

This is my art blog- finally. Not much to see yet but there soon will be. Thanks to swap-bot and atc’s and several very inspirational people I’ve come across, I’m living the maxim: “Create something daily” -and I give most of it away!

But there are pictures…

Come in and look around :)

I’ll show you my “studio”. ( which is actually a spare bedroom in our drafty, OLD, 2-story house)

workspace This is the table I sit and create at -it’s almost NEVER this neat. It got dressed up for the photo.

workspace right

everything in reach

Directly to the right of my table is a very large bookshelf with most of my supplies. Well, the ones I use the most anyway.

workspace left


To the left of my work table is the clutter table- believe me, this is a small pile. It can get taller than me and has been known to overflow onto the floor!

art journals and altered books in progress

shelf Continue reading