Addi Swing crochet hooks; a review

love to crochet. But I have severe issues with Carpal tunnel and RSI (and no insurance, so no surgery for me )


I am so addicted that I will power through the pain and crochet anyway – but I do get tired of aching hands. So I did some research on ergonomic hooks and found the Addi Swing hooks.

They are a little pricey , so I decided to order one in a size I use often (E) and give it a try.  First thing I did when they arrived was take them out and hold them. They do feel good in hand!


ImageNow to get down to some actual crochet. It feels awkward at first- there is a bit of a learning curve, but within a few rows I got the hang of it. I was working an amigurumi project, so single crochet rounds, and it went very smoothly and my hand did seem to tire less. The short metal shaft might cause a bit of a problem when working longer post stitches – anything requiring more than three loops on the hook at once might be too much for this hook- at least until you are really experienced with it. I did however pull off several triple crochet(us) with no problems.

Overall I love it. I think I might collect a few more in the sizes I use for amigurumi especially. I would definitely recommend giving them a try if you suffer hand pain or fatigue with one caveat: these are for knife grippers only, if you hold your hook with a pencil grip these just won’t work.