Recycle the world!

I have something of a passion for recycling. Especially when it comes to my art. Anything I can reuse is fair game, I repurpose old Barbies, everything from repaints to using them as armatures for whole new dolls/creations (I’ll probably post some soon 🙂

My latest project is tin cans- the kind that my sons endless supply of refried beans come in 🙂 (we have to eat Mexican at LEAST twice a week ).

I cannot bear to throw them away. It’s too easy to file down the sharp edge, then add a little gesso, some paint, or maybe collage, or maybe paint AND collage, a stamp here, a doodle there, a little antiquing gel, seal the whole thing with some Mod Podge or similar stuff and Voila!

tin cansAlso solves the problem of where to put my ever expanding collection of pencils and markers. Good for paintbrushes too,crochet hooks, knitting needles might take a larger can but that’s doable.

Someday soon I’m going to splurge on a safety can opener, the kind that removes the whole lid below the rim with no sharp edges. Then I can make containers with lids! The sky is the limit 😉