I feel like a bad mommy :(

I didn’t mean to abandon my blog – but alas…

I’m still alive, some personal and health issues took me away for awhile. But I am back 🙂

I HAVE been creative in all this time. I’ve done a lot of collage/art journalling, which can be seen on my Tumblr http://apageatatime.tumblr.com/

and I’ve been crocheting like mad ( See my  Ravelry

The plan is to bring it all home and hopefully be a better blog mommy! Watch this space.

First post

Might as well get it over with 😛

This is my art blog- finally. Not much to see yet but there soon will be. Thanks to swap-bot and atc’s and several very inspirational people I’ve come across, I’m living the maxim: “Create something daily” -and I give most of it away!

But there are pictures…

Come in and look around :)

I’ll show you my “studio”. ( which is actually a spare bedroom in our drafty, OLD, 2-story house)

workspace This is the table I sit and create at -it’s almost NEVER this neat. It got dressed up for the photo.

workspace right

everything in reach

Directly to the right of my table is a very large bookshelf with most of my supplies. Well, the ones I use the most anyway.

workspace left


To the left of my work table is the clutter table- believe me, this is a small pile. It can get taller than me and has been known to overflow onto the floor!

art journals and altered books in progress

shelf Continue reading