Oh ho, the beads are calling again

I’ve been out of the beading bug for awhile- at least as much as I’m ever really out of the beading bug 😛

Then I went and signed up for a swap of gods and goddesses ‘art’. The theme is pretty open-any medium, any art as long as it involves gods and/or goddesses. So as I’m thinking of what to do my fingers started itching and I found myself reaching for the clay- beads cried to be made!

I played around a little- and then actually wound up using some already made pieces,that hadn’t quite clicked before.

I had this lovely goddess see:


and she was just crying for some gorgeous beads- she needed to be embelished,celebrated,shown off.

So I went to work. And voila!


My own,hand rolled beads,rhodonite,rose quartz,and more. Now she’s in a setting she deserves.

I wound up taking off the last section of beads on each side-because it was just too heavy a piece. The finished piece is still 24 inches long and hangs at throat chakra level.(I can edit in a pic later- my significant other has absconded with my camera!)

It’s hard to send jewelry to a stranger- taste is so very subjective-but I figure she could easily be framed in a shadowbox and hung on a wall if she is not her recipient’s style.